Honda Fit & Honda Civic Inventories Remain Stable in US After Japan Quake

As you're likely aware, the recent earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan has left The Big Three standing in a lurch. There is, however, good news on the Honda front. While all Japanese automakers are still assessing the impact of the devastating earthquake and tsunami on specific vehicle lines, Honda has reported that inventories for both the Honda Fit and Honda Civic are "good", and that no shortages of the Honda Civic are expected.

"Of the two [Fit and Civic], only Fit is import-only for the U.S.," wrote Edward K. Miller, Senior Manager News and Industry Relations, Honda North America in response to a query from Inside Line. "We make the Civic in 13 countries, including two assembly lines in Alliston, Ontario and another in Greensburg, Indianapolis, so supplies are adequate and all (North American) plants are running."1

That said, Honda has temporarily stopped taking orders from U.S. dealers for Japan-made models. "Our dealers order cars approximately 1½ months before the start of a production month," the automaker said in a recent statement. "That means dealers have already ordered cars to be produced in Japan in the March and April. Since we have lost a week of Japan production, the actual production dates of those orders will be delayed by some amount of time."2

Further elaborating on their decision to temporarily freeze U.S. orders, Honda continued, "We will fulfill existing orders as quickly as possible but, as a contingency, we have decided not to open up May production to the computerized dealer ordering system at this time. If there are any unfulfilled existing dealer orders at the start of May production, we will fill those first and then allocate remaining production to dealers. This step is simply a cautious move to ensure that we can fulfill all dealer orders in the most timely manner."3

Well, at least Honda Fit and Civic consumers have nothing to worry about at this time. Capital Honda will let you know if the forecast changes and keep you informed regarded possible shortages of other Honda models.

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