Ultra Low Emissions Natural Gas Civic Gets Special Treatment

California is making access to the HOV designated areas of their state highway system a little more exclusive. Yellow-sticker partial-hybrid vehicles carrying only a single passenger will no longer be allowed access. Super-ultralow-emission vehicles with white stickers, such as the natural-gas-powered Honda Civic, however, will still be welcome - regardless of passenger numbers.

The admittance of the Honda Civic NGV, and other white-sticker cars, however, is not forever. Drivers of such cars will enjoy the convenience only for another four years. Then, they too will have to abide by higher passenger quotas. However, given that the new Honda Civic NGV is due out this fall, this gives drivers roughly three and-a-half years to enjoy HOV access.

The forthcoming 2012 Honda Civic NGV, for those of you not familiar with the vehicle, is fitted with a 110-horsepower (hp), 1.8-liter engine that puts out up to 106 lb.-ft. of torque. Compared to the outgoing model, the interior has been completely refreshed and is now defined by a multi-information display and navigation system. The benefits that are perhaps most exciting, however, are the car's enviously low emissions and owner's long-term cost savings on gasoline.

As John Mendel, Executive VP, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. says, "Inherently clean-burning natural gas has a proven track record as an extremely low-emission, domestically produced transportation fuel. The new [Honda] Civic Natural Gas makes it even more convenient to tap into this desirable and abundant resource."1

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of driving a natural gas vehicle and/or would like additional specs on the 2012 Honda Civic NGV, contact Capital Honda today at 800-730-9043 or visit us in person at 2651 Jolly Road in Okemos.


1 http://www.ngvjournal.com/en/vehicles/item/4958-new-2012-honda-civic-natural-gas-was-launched-in-new-york-city

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