Meet "Million-Mile" Joe and His 1990 Accord

That's right, a million miles. Though, we have to admit, even with all of our confidence in the Honda brand, it seems unbelievable.

"Million-Mile" Joe (Joe LoCicero), from Norway Maine has, however, accomplished this extraordinary feat. He has put nearly one-million miles on his 1990 Honda Accord, and it's still running strong. To put this into better perspective: The average American driver logs nearly 13,500 miles per year. If you break down Joe's mileage annually, he averaged 4,700 miles per month! That means, Joe has been racking up as many miles as the average U.S. driver does per year - per quarter.

What makes this story even more spectacular is that Joe bought the 1990 Honda Accord used in 1996 with 74,000 miles on it. This surely is a testament to Honda's durability, and long-term sustained reliability. One-million miles! Most of us are think reaching 300,000 miles is impressive.

In addition to the 1990 Honda Accord itself, we must also credit Joe for religiously adhering to the  maintenance schedule as outlined in the owner's manual and checking/changing his fluids regularly. What else has "Million-Mile" Joe done to keep his Accord going strong?

Well, for starters, "Million-Mile" Joe never let his gas tank get near empty. He consistently uses Honda air, oil and fuel filters. He never rides heavy on the brakes. And, he changes the his brake fluids every other year.

Such diligence has really paid off. The only major replacements Joe has made over the course of nearly one-million miles are the fuel pump, both cooling fans, and the radiator (two times).We at Capital Honda invite you show your Honda this kind of love and see if you can hit the million-mile mark.  

Among the many comments left for "Million-Mile" Joe on Honda's Facebook page ( are:

-    "Joe, I honestly got tears in my eyes! I love my '93 Accord (same color as yours!) so much and we're only at 250K miles...but my mechanic and I have a pact to keep her going until she can't go any more. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Go Joe!"1 - Ari Summerland
-    "Wow! Guess my 04 Element with 133K mi is just getting broken in."2 - Dave Lewis
-    "Incredible! That's just how Honda's are made!" 3 - Victor Cervantes

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