Honda's "Coolness" Made Official

Honda understands that just because a consumer is on a budget, doesn't mean they want or deserve a dowdy car. Embodying this conviction are the 2011 Honda Fit and 2012 Honda Civic, which have just placed fourth and sixth respectively on Kelley Blue Book's (KKB's) "Top 10 Cool Cars Under $18,000" list.

The goal of KKB's annual list, as the name suggests, is to provide consumers insight into the industry's exceptions to the rule. For as they say, "There are great deals to be had on many cars, costing under $18,000, but only a handful of them [i.e., the Honda Civic and Honda Fit] really possess that cool, difficult-to-describe 'it' factor."1 Like the Civic and Fit, all cars featured on the "Top 10 Cool Cars Under $18,000" list must be fun to drive, hip to own, and, of course, carry a starting MSRP of under $18K.

The 2011 Honda Fit, a perennial favorite among the esteemed editors at KKB continues to be lauded for being "fun, flexible, and funky". "...the Honda Fit remains a unanimous choice for our annual cool cars list. Even the crisper, better-equipped Fit Sport comes in under the $18,000 ceiling," says KKB.2

As for the new Civic, [Dealer Name] always knew it had 'it'. But amid some whisperings of criticisms throughout the market, it's refreshing to know KKB agrees, contending, "Cool doesn't always have to be in your face. Take the 2012 Honda Civic, for example. Its attributes read like a though-out online dating profile: Good-looking but not flashy, low maintenance and easygoing...but happy to be your partner in crime for any adventure (insert winky face here)."3

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