More Stylized Civic To Hit The Streets in 2013

For several decades now, the Honda Civic has been a forerunner in the compact car segment thanks to dependability and solid performance. In fact, according to AutoGuide, Honda sells more Civics per year in the U.S. then Volkswagen, Chrysler or Mazda sells in total. There are, however, those who see "dependable" as "boring." In response to this view, rumors are milling around in all the right circles, and word on the street is the 2013 Civic will see slightly more aggressive styling.

News of the probable refresh comes from a grassroots gathering of West Coast Honda dealers and corporate head haunchos. To give Honda designers more time to formulate, the new Civic most likely won't be released until late in the year, possibly December of 2012. Until then, however, the current 2012 Civic seems to be grabbing some pretty good reviews.

Improvements over the 2011 model include a shorter wheelbase which allows for slightly more agility as well as a significant drop in weight. The new Civic also boasts slightly more leg room, an extra 1.6-inches that, while small, gives passengers a little leeway to stretch. And for the visually attentive, a new Intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) rests directly to the right of the wheel. Civic drivers can even personalize their driving experience by loading a picture onto the display screen and making use of iPod connectivity.

With a few slight tweaks on the already popular Civic for 2012 and more dramatic styling moves slated for 2013, Honda certainly seems to be covering its bases. And, it's a good thing two. AutoGuide points out that other automakers are already changing their compact model styling in  attempt to lure loyal Honda fans to leave the Civic and try something different.

We at Capital Honda, however, have no question as to whether Honda will succeed in maintaining their fan base. With models like the Honda Fit and Honda CR-V, why should we? To test drive the 2012 Civic or any other new Honda model, feel free to contact us online or stop by in person. We are conveniently located at 2651 Jolly Road in Okemos.



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