Honda Factories Are Among the Greenest on the Planet

A survey from the US Green Building Council found that Honda's HQ in Torrance, CA and several other facilities throughout the US and Canada are "Green Building" approved. This is not the first time Honda has received such honors - the company's first LEED-certified building was named in 1999 - the Gresham, OR parts and service facility.

LEED facilities (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) are buildings designed to minimize energy use and carbon footprints. LEED certification is a popular award for major corporations - companies receive government tax breaks and grants in order to transform their buildings into eco-friendly environments.

"Honda is focused on reducing the environmental impact of all its operations, not just its products," said Honda spokesman Marcos Frommer. "With our LEED announcement we're highlighting our leadership in an area of growing concern, which is the sustainability of corporate facilities. Not only is this type of activity the right thing to do, but we also believe consumers are looking for companies that are taking a holistic approach to reducing their environmental impact." 1

With vehicles like Honda Insight and CR-Z hybrid, it's no wonder this auto maker receives numerous green awards. In fact, the factories where these cars are built prior to delivery at Capital Honda in Okemos, might be the greenest buildings anywhere.



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