New Honda EV Concept Makes Its Debut at Frankfurt Auto Show

If you're looking for an eco-friendly ride that will be as easy on your wallet as it is on the environment, Honda would be proud to be your automaker of choice. Already, the Japanese automaker offers five hybrid- and alternative-fuel-powered cars, including the Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid, Honda Insight Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan, Honda Natural Gas-Powered Civic and FCX Clarity. And, judging by their showing at Frankfurt it looks like they might just add a pure EV next year, too.

In all fairness, they also showed a plug-in hybrid as well, which is equally as exciting. But, today, we would like to focus on the EV Concept currently known simply as the Honda EV Concept. While the title may not scream excitement, the idea of a new EV from Honda does! Some enthusiasts are calling it the Honda Fit Electric or Honda Fit EV because it's based on the same five-seat layout. Until Honda makes it official, however, it remains in our mind, the Honda EV Concept.

Much more exciting than the name, is the concept itself. Like a lot of EVs on the market now, the Honda EV Concept is fitted with a lithium-ion battery back and coaxial motor. And, it offers a pretty typical 100-mile driving range and top speed of 90 mph. Where the Honda EV Concept differs is in its unique five-seat design and tri-mode electric drive system. Plus, using a 240V outlet, it can be charged in under six hours.

Honda describes the new EV concept as "part of Honda's 'Road to Zero Emissions', showing the current technology of hybrids alongside near-future technology of plug-in vehicles and the ultimate goal of the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, like the FCX."1

Interested in learning more? Stay tuned. Capital Honda in Okemos, promises to let you know as soon as more details become available. In the mean time, please feel free to check out our entire new Honda lineup and/or used-car inventory online. Or, just drop by.

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