Honda Rewards Pinterest Users

Were you like us...anxiously awaiting for your Pinterest invite? Excited to check out what this newest social network was all about. And then, finally when you were invited, hours were spent pinning and repinning ideas, hobbies, recipes, and more? Well, all that time may not have been for nothing, as it may have caught the attention of some of the higher ups at Honda

In a clever marketing move Honda found a way to make perfect use of this new social network. They launched their own boards accordingly and closely followed user interaction.. Next they gave 10 lucky pinners five hundred big ones to take a day off from the site and get out to do some of the things they've pinned about -  a perfect cross promotion for the Honda CR-V.

"The Honda CR-V is all about getting out and doing all the things you want in life," explains Lauren Ebner, assistant manager of social media at Honda. "So we decided we would offer some of the top pinners $500 to go out and do things they've pinned about."1

So what comes next for the Honda Pinterest page? In the future the Big H plans on using Pinterest to expose users to new models, technologies and initiatives from the automaker. For now, however, Honda is simply encouraging users to take a "Pintermission," as they call it, of your own to go out and do the things you love.

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