Here Are a Few Tips for Storing Your Honda If you Are Going Out of Town

Vacations are what we all look forward to. But, most of the time to get away we take sources of transportation that will get us the furthest away the fastest. This means we tend to leave out cars behind. That said, we here at Capital Honda want to send a few tips your way to make sure your car stays in perfect shape. If you follow these tips your trips to our Honda service center will be limited to routine appointment rather than bigger fixes.

First, it is important to know that these tips should only be done if you're going to be leaving your Honda alone for more than one month without driving it. If you are going on a shorter getaway, your Honda should be fine without completing the following tips.

First tip is to fill up your gas tank. By doing this you will prevent condensation from building up inside, which can in turn lead to a very costly problem down the road.

Next, wash and wax your car thoroughly in order to protect the paint job. Weather is unpredictable sometimes so you never know what it will bring your way in more than a month's span. Plus, your Honda will still be shining like new when you return.

Disengaging the parking brake on your Honda is another important step to take. This prevents brake corrosion from it being engaged for long periods of time. Next, to prevent any unwanted movement, place the car on jack stands. This also serves to relieve the car's weight from its wheels and tires.

Disconnect the battery in your Honda to protect it. This stops it from draining. Once removed, place it on a trickletype charger to keep it charged or drain the battery with a light bulb and recharge it with a low-volt charger.

Last, but certainly not lease, be sure to plug the tailpipe of your Honda with a rag. This prevents moist air from making its way into your exhaust, which can damage your car.

We here at Capital Honda hope you have fun out of town, and even more fun when you get behind the wheel of your Honda again. And for more car-care tips, be sure to subscribe to our blog on your RSS feed. Everyone at 2651 Jolly Road Okemos, MI 48864, after all, is dedicated to keeping your ownership experience positive.

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