Speedy Honda CR-Z Mugen Enters Pre-Production

Making its debut at Goodwill's Festival of Speed last year, we've been keeping tabs on Mugen's take on the Honda CR-Z. Officially named the CR-Z Mugen RR, the custom sport hybrid coupe has garnered the attention of both enthusiasts and casual car lovers alike. Alas, the fact it was only a proof of concept crushed the hopes and dreams of those who got the privilege of seeing the vehicle.

We here at Capital Honda, however, were sure that it was just a matter of time before the speedy car was brought into pre-production by Mungen. Like most cars, a few details have changed since its original concept days, but for the most part CR-Z Mugen RR will be staying the same though pre-production.

Honda CR-Z Mugen RR At a Glance

- Engine: Supercharged 1.5L LEA-MF6, with a Mugen centrifugal supercharger, intercooler, dry carbon intake box and suction piping, air filter, carbon engine cover, radiator cap, thermo switch, reservoir cover, larger capacity injectors, center-exit exhaust
- Engine Management: Mugen ECU
- Performance: 190-hp (176 horsepower gasoline + 14-hp electric) and 209 pound feet of torque (151 pound-feet gasoline + 58 pound-feet electric)
- Drivetrain: Mugen mechanical LSD, lowered final drive
- Brakes: Mugen mono-block reverse 4-piston front calipers, brake pads, 320mm Active Gate front rotors, rear rotors, micro mesh brake lines- Exterior Modifications: CR-Z RR concept aero kit adds new carbon fiber elements to reduce weight and add an aggressive style
- Interior Modifications: Recaro carbon bucket seats, leather and alcantara interior accents, special multi-function display system, and carbon fiber accents

For more information about the Honda CR-Z Mugen RR, or any other existing or upcoming Honda model, contact us at Capital Honda today. 

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