How Green is The Honda Civic Hybrid

So, you've been on a test drive of Honda Civic Hybrid at Capital Honda in Okemos. Now you may be thinking, "Is the car as "green" as the auto maker claims?" Starting at $24,000 before tax credits, EPA estimates put it at 44 MPG City, as well as 44 Highway, it looks like a great deal on paper.

The Civic Hybrid is powered mostly by the car's gasoline engine. It certainly lowers CO2 emissions, but is there more Civic can do? Some complain about the gas and electric motors running at the same time, instead of switching back and forth.

Rest assured, Honda promises Civic Hybrid does run on full electric only when traveling between 15 and 20 mph. Along with this, Honda's Navigation System allows you to reach any destination in the shortest amount of time.

As one reviewer stated -  "this car really is a definite positive step in the correct direction for drivers who want to do their bit for the environment." We couldn't agree more.1



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