Charging Electric Vehicles Like the Fit EV The Smart Way

It's no secret that automakers are focusing in fuel efficient vehicles, including hybrids and electric vehicles. In the future we could see, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of electric vehicles on the road. While this is very exciting for us, it does have some electric companies shaking in their boots. Why? Well, with a high number of EVs all plugged in at the same time, it could put stress on the grid, and cause brownouts during peak hours.

This might initially sound like a problem that could cause slowing in the adoption rate of EVs, however Honda is ahead of the game and has been looking for solutions for these environmentally friendly and economic vehicles.

So what's have they come up with? Honda is working to launch a new technology that would make charging electric vehicle more efficient by getting instructions from the grid, limiting its charging potential during peak power usage times, and by transmitting usage data that could improve grid management at a local level.

This project may seem very large in scope, and truthfully it is. In fact, this project is so expansive that Honda knows it can't possibly bring it to fruition alone. That's why they've enlisted the help of both IBM and PG&E in piloting the new technology in a prototype of the 2013 Honda Fit EV.

Capital Honda, in Okemos, hopes that this new technology helps to helps to ease the concerns that some buyers may have over considering an EV. And to see this technology first in the Honda Fit EV, be sure to stay tuned for more information on it.

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