Will Honda Build an Accord Convertible?

At Capital Honda we love the upcoming 2013 Honda Accord. In fact, we invite drivers from the greater Lansing, Waverly and Jackson area to come take it for a test drive once it arrives. Being a mid-size car, we realize it's not for everyone. With that in mind, Honda tries to make an Accord for every taste out there, with sedan and coupe models available. This, of course, begs the question of whether or not a convertible model will ever be produced.

The coupe version of the Accord looks like it would be a perfect convertible; slice off the roof, replace it with a hard/soft top, and it would be good to go. After all, the styling of the 2013 Accord coupe lends itself perfectly to a convertible form. It's sporty, but not so much so that subtracting the roof would make it look tacky.

But still the question is, will Honda ever produce one? We, unfortunately, don't have an answer. The only thing Honda has confirmed is that there are currently no Accord convertible prototypes in the works.

That, however, should not be mistaken for a concrete no, as Honda has been known to experiment with other Accord variants in the past. For instance, in the early 90's Honda released hatchback and wagon versions of the Accord. And the Honda Crosstour was originally launched as an offshoot of the Accord as well.

In other words, the whole thing is still up in the air. Nevertheless, the idea of a Honda Accord convertible is one that we love. That said, you can count on Capital Honda, located at 2651 Jolly Road Okemos, MI 48864, to post any update from Honda to this blog accordingly.


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